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Cabin on the Hill

As you go up the road, you will be greeted by grand old pine trees and orchids lining the forest floor on the either side of the road and that's when you know what's in store. Everything is grand, awe-inspiring. Views, sizes of meadows, mountains...everything is king size, and striking. If you a silent type, you will definitely make sounds of delight here, you can't hide it.


Gulmarg is the definition of beautiful mountain views, period.

Take the 'Goldola' (ropeway) ride up the mountain and you are shoulder to shoulder to the Goriwan glacier. Usually you get to see a glacier from a great distance, usually from the foot of the glacier. But here, it is like you are sitting on a helicopter, watching the glacier from high altitude. It is unbelievable sight, I was speechless.

Goriwan Glacier, Gulmarg

Dachigam National Park

Dachogam National Park lies between Srinagar and Pahalgam. The usual entry point is from Sonmarg and exit near Ganderbal. This national park has vast reserve mountainous forests, streams, meadows and several small lakes which form from glacier melts. The views are awe inspiring and the trek through the national park was very strenuous (for me). An 8 day trek through the park afforded me the sights which are otherwise not accessible.

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