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Ravi Putcha

Born in a small town with little scope to go anywhere, I grew up eager and ready for metamorphosis, to travel.

Traveling is meaningful for me in more than one way, it is a way of escaping the 'here', get to know the unknown, exotic, to widen my ideas and imagination and let them flow, dance and fly.

Travel is an intensely personal experience as well, for me: I don't follow bucket lists - that sounds ridiculous to me. I pick and choose my own experiences instead, create my own tiny pockets of memories and avoid the popular as much as I can. I also despise the fakery of social media. I seek what provokes me personally, take time, soak up the tastes and smells, sights, feelings and experiences..

The stories are travel guides, written here are just snippets of experiences, not necessarily in any sequence, it is not about everything I saw and did, who cares about it anyway? I don't! I write only about those memories of significance, for me, disjointed they may seem, they are meaningful for me personally.

Travel feeds my soul, professional portrait photography pays my bills:

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