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Wats of Thailand

Architecture, the external space

is an extension of

spirituality, the internal space

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I am neither an architect nor a spiritual guru. This is not a detailed, authoritative treatise on either topics. I am an artist, I capture in images what I see (blissfully ignore what's not visible and what I can't see), tell my own story, my impressions and thoughts about the images I captured. Two very prominent things I noticed as would you in wats of Thailand are colors (use of gold as a predominant color) and shapes (pointed eaves and dragon/peacock motifs).


You can't miss it, gold is the color of choice, metal of choice too, gold here, gold there, gold on stupas, gold on the eaves, gold on the buddha, gold on coins, gold on spires, dragons, monk's is everywhere. Gold is the sign of reverence to Buddha, gold is a means to flaunt wealth, power, prestige, influence. Gold is a promise to the poor - you pray and abide by the teachings of Buddha and gold is what you get - an inherent promise. Every one wants, loves, seeks gold.

Spikes, Spires & Fires

Thorny spires, pointy eaves, fierce dragons raining down from the sky, jaws wide open, as if they are roaring or spitting fires, golden peacock heads on the roofs, even the peacocks' and dragons' tongues and combs are pointy, crown the king wears has a pointy spire on it. If you were to paradrop or skydive in Thailand, beware! There are so many of them everywhere that you will impale yourself on one of those.