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Is Photography Fading

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

You go to any landmark tourists throng and observe, how many cameras do you see?

How many people are using their mobile phones instead?

It is astounding how consumer grade DSLRs disappeared, replaced by iPhones and android phones. When people see me taking pictures with my big professional digital camera, they are mildly surprised - as if they haven't seen someone carrying a camera that big for some time now. Perhaps they haven't and that's the point.

Convenience trumped quality?

Convenience trumped quality? But then most people who fell for the sales pitch and purchased those consumer grade Canons and Nikons never managed to take more than a few pictures with them when they bought it. Most don't get past that milestone and actually manage to figure out how an apparently complicated camera works. I am sure there are hundreds, thousands of cameras lying in their boxes ever since they were bought, gathering dust in the cupboards.

Click and share, that's all there's to it?

People are just happy clicking and sharing them on social media. Mobile phone manufacturers succeeded in convincing consumers that that's all there's to it. There's no need to shoot, edit, print and display - those days are gone or that's only for photography nerds like me. I only hope more people notice my work than just me with a large camera. LOL!

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