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A beautiful wide expanse of a building depicting its architecture and grandeur

Your Brand

architecture photography that elevates the value of your property

With high quality photos that highlight the value of your property

Sell / Rent
Properties Faster

Rent out or sell out properties faster with real estate photography by Arch IQ.

Post your property for sale faster with guaranteed 1 day
delivery of photos

Peace of Mind

Enjoy peace of mind with transparent pricing and guaranteed delivery in 2 days with Arch IQ Photography!

With transparent, fixed and honest pricing with no hidden charges

ARCH IQ Photography
is the best real estate, architecture and interior photography service in
Gurgaon, Delhi, Noida

​With high quality photos that highlight the value and aesthetics of your property elevate the your brand of architecture / interior design firm or service, instill trust, rent or sell properties faster

by attracting more interested buyers

ArchIQ is a 5 star rated photography service in Gurgaon providing high quality services to clients in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR helping them sell properties faster than the competition.

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May 14, 2024
Ishan Dhatrak
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customer review
customer review
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customer review

Professional approach, good skill set

Gallery / Portfolio

What is Real Estate Photography?

It is a photography service that gives you a set of images and videos that represent some highlights of your property. It could be residential, commercial, industrial, public, raw land or other special use property.

How can Real Estate Photography help you?

If you want to rent out or sell a property you get the word out, place an ad, create a listing on real estate websites. Photos and videos of your property are essential for creating ads or listings.


When you create a listing or advertise, it is easier to convey the value of the property using photos and video rather than just words describing it. A picture is worth a thousand words – images and videos are the most efficient and effective means of communicating the features of your property.

Creating Trust

Words may fail but pictures won’t lie. That’s why prospective buyers trust ads and listing with photos and videos rather than just words.


Value Proposition

If your property is located in a high-end locality and has premium features, you need premium quality photos and videos to show case the features. Photos taken on a mobile phone won’t work. Because it is not easy to highlight property features using low quality photos and more importantly it is not possible to highlight the premium nature of the property with low quality photos. If the asking price is high, the photos also better be high. When someone looks at the photos, it should create an impression of being premium.

Even mid-range properties benefit with high quality photos because the quality of photography gives a sense of being high value, making the price attractive and accelerating the sale.

What is Architecture Photography?

Architecture Photography is a visual, artistic interpretation of the architecture of any property. This is used to showcase the work of architects, designers and builders.

What is Interior Photography?

Interior Photography is similar to real estate photography and focus is on interior (as against the exterior of any property) but similar to architecture photography in that it is meant as a means of showcasing the work of an interior designer.

How can photography help architects and interior designers?

Both architecture and interior work are best documented as part of the portfolio of work by an architects and designers. This will help them give an idea to prospective clients about what to expect from them, the style and approach to design, the quantity and quality of work done so far. Using this portfolio, it becomes easy to convey to prospective clients what to expect. Without images and videos, it is very cumbersome to communicate. High quality photos and videos of architecture and design work conveys the aesthetic and help in positioning one’s work in a right manner.

Whether you are an architect, an interior designer, a property owner or an agent - high quality photography by ArchIQ can help you achieve your goals. We create beautiful photos of your work/property highlighting its aesthetic and value to prospective clients or buyers.

If you want to know specifically how we can help you achieve your goals, get in touch with me. We can speak and if necessary meet up and explore possibilities together. Just click on the button given below.

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